Launch website !

Sharing our open source projects through a dedicated site, here is the objective of this site. We will also publish news about our projects or technical articles.

Launch  website !

Static is basic 💗

To develop this site, we want to go back to basics: a static site.

The site was created with the static site generator: Cecil

It's not the most popular but we liked its simplicity and functionality (and its developer is very nice!).

You can see the site's source code here:

We use Cloudflare Page for site hosting.

No GAFAM, it's good for our minds and our planet 🌍

No Google Analytics, no GDPR modal, no Facebook or Twitter highlighting, no webmarketing, the web before 2004 👾

This saves performance, no heavy script to load!

And this performance has an environmental impact, a report shows it:

Pixel Open

Upcoming improvements

We will be making improvements soon:

We wish you good surfing on this site,

The Pixel Open Team