Oh oh oh, new features for our Symfony, Magento, Sulu and Kirby contributions!

Ecommerce revenue attribution for Plausible

Plausible is an open source web audience analysis tool and an alternative to Google Analytics.

Plausible has released new features to improve the management of ecommerce sites: Ecommerce revenue attribution

The module is compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento.

To view the module, click here

Cloudflare Turnstile Enhancements for Magento and Symfony

As a reminder, Cloudflare Turnstile is an alternative to Google Recaptcha.

Improvements for Magento:

Our Magentix contributor has made major changes to the Magento module:

  • Admin "login" and "reset password" forms validation
  • Validation added on guest checkout login form
  • Widget size configuration
  • French translation
  • Fix API request on each page with authentication popup
  • Fix widget resetting on ajax call

Improvements for Symfony:

Symfony 7 compatible (thanks to HeahDude)

Retrieve your Google My Business account information with the Kirby CMS

Here is our first contribution for the CMS Kirby.

We have developed a plugin that allows you to retrieve information from Google My Business such as schedules and notices with the Kirby cms.

You can see the plugin on its dedicated page by clicking here.

Thanks to our contributor Kastrox7 for the plugin 😉

Product File Manager for Prestashop

Prestashop natively offers the functionality to attach files to products. Under the "Options" tab on the product page, we have the "Attached files" feature.

But this feature has limitations, you cannot attach a file specifically for a shop or a language. For example, a notice in French will appear on the English store.

We have developed a module to attach a file to product for the shop and language currently selected in the product edit page.

You can see the plugin on its dedicated page by clicking here.

A Sulu bundle for customer review management!

We have developed a bundle on the Sulu CMS for managing customer reviews.

The latter allows customer reviews to be managed manually with a graphical interface or automatically via Google My Business.

Twig functions have been added to allow the display of reviews at the frontend.

You can see the bundle on its dedicated page by clicking here.