Google My Business for Prestashop

Import and display any Google place data on the frontend.

Google My Business for Prestashop


  • Prestashop >=
  • PHP >= 7.2.0


Download the file from the last release assets.


Go to the admin module catalog section and click Upload a module. Select the downloaded zip file.


Move the downloaded file in the Prestashop modules directory and unzip the archive. Go to the admin module catalog section and search for "Google My Business".


From the module manager, find the module and click on configure.

Field Description Example Required
Google API Key The Google Places API key. D5MyLvpGOTI2GYXpisyJQCKw9ED3wdk7 Y
Google Place IDs Google place ids to import, one id per line. ChIJLU7jZClu5kcR4PcOOO6p3I0 Y


At the command prompt, go to the Prestashop root directory and execute the following command:

./bin/console google_my_business:import_place {language}
  • language: ISO 639-1 (en, de, fr...)


It is only possible to retrieve the last 5 reviews. Import often to accumulate the reviews.


In any template, add the following Widget:

{widget name='pixel_googlemybusiness' display='name,rating,opening-hours,reviews'}

Display excepted options:

  • name: Place name (Eiffel tower)
  • rating: Average Rating (4/5)
  • opening-hours: Opening hours (Monday: 12:00 – 19:00, Tuesday: 10:00 – 19:00...)
  • review: the last reviews

For example, to display only reviews:

{widget name='pixel_googlemybusiness' display='reviews'}

Review filters:

  • review_number: the number of review to display
  • review_min_rating: only show reviews with rating greater or equal than this value
{widget name='pixel_googlemybusiness' display='reviews' review_number=5 review_min_rating=3}

Place filter:

Filter by place id with the place_ids widget param (comma separated):

{widget name='pixel_googlemybusiness' place_ids='ChIJLU7jZClu5kcR4PcOOO6p3I0' display='name,rating,opening-hours,reviews'}

Note: Only places imported in the current context language will be displayed

Custom template

You can create your own template to display places.

Create a new template file in the pixel_googlemybusiness directory for your theme:


{foreach from=$places item=place}
    {foreach from=$place->getOpeningHoursWeekdayText()|json_decode:1 item=hour}
    {foreach from=$place->getReviews() item=review}
        {$review->getTime()|date_format:"%e %B %Y"}
        {if $review->getComment()}

Add the template option in the widget with the template path:

{widget name='pixel_googlemybusiness' template='module:pixel_googlemybusiness/custom.tpl'}


In admin, go to the Translations page under the International menu.

Google My Business for Prestashop


1.0.3 (17/02/2023)

  • Custom widget template

1.0.2 (04/11/2022)

  • Views directory protection

1.0.0 & 1.0.1 (14/10/2022)

  • First release