Plausible Analytics for Prestashop

Plausible Analytics is :

  • open source
  • simple
  • lightweight
  • privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

Plausible Analytics for Prestashop


  • Prestashop >=
  • PHP >= 7.2.0


Download the file from the last release assets.


Go to the admin module catalog section and click Upload a module. Select the downloaded zip file.


Move the downloaded file in the Prestashop modules directory and unzip the archive. Go to the admin module catalog section and search for "Plausible".


From the module manager, find the module and click on configure.

Field Description Example Required
Add JavaScript snippet Enable stats by including the Plausible snippet in the head of your website Yes Y
Shared Link The shared link allows to display stats in the "Statistics > Plausible" menu N
Enable goals Enable goal events: contact, cart, checkout-step-X, order Yes Y
Contact goal name Plausible goal name when customer send a contact message. Leave empty to ignore. contact N
Cart goal name Plausible goal name when customer goes to the cart. Leave empty to ignore. cart N
Checkout goal name Plausible goal name prefix when customer goes to a checkout step {goalName}-X. Leave empty to ignore. checkout-step N
Order goal name Plausible goal name when customer submits order. Leave empty to ignore order N

Create the shared link in your Plausible settings for the site in Visibility > Shared links > + New link


In the Prestashop admin, the Plausible stats are available in the Statistics > Plausible menu.


The module includes goal events when enabled in module configuration.

  • Contact message sent
  • Cart view
  • Checkout step X
  • Order complete

You need to add goal events in your Plausible website configuration:

Plausible Golas

The Plausible event name must be the same as the name in the Prestashop module configuration.

How to add a custom goal?

In any template or JS file, use the plausible method to send the event to Plausible. Example:

<input type="button" value="My Button" id="my-form-button" />

<script type="text/javascript">
    const myButton = document.getElementById('my-form-button');
    if (myButton) {
        myButton.addEventListener('click', function() {
            plausible('my-form-button'); // "my-form-button" is the Plausible goal event name


1.0.0 (27/01/2023)

  • Custom event name and props added
  • First release
Plausible Analytics for Prestashop